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White Metal Embossed Chest of 4 Drawer

White Metal Embossed Chest of 4 Drawer




Embossed White Metal Chest of Four Drawer

This exotic Indian chest of drawers is a shining example of organic modernism. Featuring a total of four drawers, each adorned with a clear glass, jewel like knob. Our white metal collection is hand crafted in India on a sustainable mango wood frame; the metal is pressed over and embossed with Jamie’s own intricate and artful flower pattern. The gleaming metal reverberates light around the room thoughtfully uniting a luxurious and royal weighty piece with monastic calm, space & light.

Constructed out of Mango wood & MDF covered in White Alloy Metal in Floral Design
Royal Look, has always been a preferred choice of royal families
Glass Cut, Jewel like knobs for pulling drawers
2 Half Width and 2 Full Size Drawers
Made to Order. Therefore customer gets a Brand New piece every Time.
Dimensions: 105 x 50 x 85 cms
Weight: 134.5 Pounds

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