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White Metal Embossed Sideboard

White Metal Embossed Sideboard




This white metal embossed sideboard is an exquisite example of the fine tradition of Indian wood and metalwork. This authentic Indian silver sideboard uses a combination of mirrored metal overlay and embossed metal techniques to create a unique piece that will stand out in a crowd. The drawer fronts and the inner panel of the cabinet doors are intricately embossed with geometric detailing, while the outer edge of the doors contrast with smoothly mirrored nickel. This again contrasts with the surrounding brushed metal to create an overall aesthetically dramatic effect.

Each of our metal embossed furniture items are crafted by our artisan craftsmen in Rajasthan following the centuries-old techniques of woodworking and metal overlay. First the solid underlayer is constructed with mango or sheesham wood to create a durable piece of furniture that will last for ages. Then the artisans hammer flat a supple layer of nickel before brushing, polishing smooth, or embossing the surface with traditional designs.

Dimension :- 110x40x90 cms

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